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That may not be as exciting an application as all the hype over Hadoop seems to warrant, but Goldman said it particularly makes sense when an IT department needs to merge large files.

In such cases, the processing power of Hadoop can come in handy.

Specialized development skills are needed because Hadoop uses the Map Reduce software programming framework, which limited numbers of developers are familiar with.

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"When you start adding up all the costs involved, it's not as cheap as it seems," Olofson said.For example, analytics-fueled online applications, such as product recommendation engines, rely on processing small amounts of information quickly.But Hadoop can't do that efficiently, according to Stirman.But it isn't known for its speed in dealing with smaller data sets.That has limited its application at Metamarkets Group Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of real-time marketing analytics services for online advertisers.Some businesses might be tempted to try scrapping their traditional data warehouses in favor of Hadoop clusters because technology costs are so much lower with the open source technology.