Guide to dating a married man foamy the squirrel dating advice

He just wants the friendship of a woman, somebody who understands.

Please, if you really do love your woman and dont believe the phrase "variety is the spice of life" should apply to every thing in life.You won't fall into their hands if you don't want to.A lady dating a married man: wat kind of date is that?Are they just friends or have an intimate relationship? there is a difference between and i think tht is where we all got it wrong! i was justhaving dis conversation wif a friend and i figured tht ppl have got the meaning all wrong. unless the person tht started the topic meant dating as otherwise. Well we do have to define it to be able to understand what it is all about.But I make bold to say that a man that have a wife at home and started looking outside for sex is clearly in the wrong, morally or spiritually speaking. What happend to 'deliver us from every temptation'?

Why for God's gracious sake would you want to take something that doesn't belong to you? Fine, some girls are , so why not run when you see them ('Jezebels') coming?It is also possible for a married man to date women, not for the purpose of sex, but just for friendship or companionship.Maybe he is having problem in his home, or the wife have been sicked for a long time, etc.Wen you look at it from different perspectives, you would definitely have varying opinions.I am looking at it from the xtian angle now whereby it is one man one wife.If he has a wife at home and is dating other women outside, then that is wrong. If he is separated or divorced and dating other women, maybe he wants to marry another wife.