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Thanks to all these contributors and to it's technical team that has built a powerful platform that can accommodates thousands of visitors for a glitch-free viewing experience, Hacked can offer you tens of thousands the spiciest videos showing real life girls performing wild sex acts tat hey thought would remain private.

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The response was so staggering that he soon realized a simple blog wouldn't be enough for his purpose and, with the help of a friend who was also a cuckold computer buff, he decided to create a web site that would be dedicated to exposing all the shameless sluts who use their sexy bodies to profit from their mates.

This was Hacked Account.com's original purpose and mission and, four years later, they both remain the same.

Hacked is a free website that is committed to divulge the hottest sexy videos and pictures that dirty minded chicks post in what they think are private places.

Not only do we have hundreds of hackers who scout everywhere on the web for the juiciest videos that these impudent chicks post themselves, but we also have thousands of ex-boyfriends who delight in sending us the dirtiest videos they have to take revenge on the bitches that cheated or dumped them.

However, as the material we present is of a highly sexual nature, we are bound by law to make absolutely sure that you are over the legal age in your jurisdiction.

So, for age verification purposes, we also must ask you to provide us with a valid credit card number.

On the top right of the page, you'll see a “Get My Free Access” box; click on it and a registration page will open.

All you need to do is to fill in your name, a valid email address, your Zip Code and country of origin as well as a username and password of your choice.

This allows us to select the only the spiciest materials and to weed out the uninteresting ones.

There's really nothing like Hacked on the whole internet and if watching ordinary girls unwittingly exposing their sexual talents for the world to see.

As the membership is and will always be 100% free, we guarantee that no amount will be charged to your credit card for your registration and that it will be used only for age verification as soon as we've verified your age you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link that will immediately activate your account and grant you full access to the site.