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Her latest venture is a line of patent pending eco friendly innovative chopsticks that she invented.

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He also co-founded the beauty subscription service with Michelle Phan.

Notable You Tube stars he has represented or produced include Kev Jumba, Michelle Phan, i Justine, Esmée Denters, Rhett & Link, Happy Slip, David Choi, Kina Grannis, Jessica Sanchez, Wong Fu Productions, Toby Turner, Bethany Mota, Swoozie, Marié Digby, Joseph Vincent, Sazan Barzani and more.

He is currently the Vice President, Digital of CJ E&M, Founder of Mighty Fresh, and Founder of

Videos Mylen Fe Yamamoto runs a talent management company called Clique Now based in Los Angeles that helps to build the careers of popular You Tube celebrities like The Fung Brothers and Leenda DProductions.

He believes the open web is an amazing force for good, and that the world would benefit from more Asian innovation, culture and creativity online.

Aug 19, 2012 The new YOMYOMF network on You Tube has the potential to cash in on the Asian American audience, while bringing together two generations of Asian American artists. The world won’t end in a whimper, apparently, but with a series of very loud bangs.You DO NOT need to be professional filmmakers to take up this challenge.We have put together sessions by excellent speakers listed below, who will give you practical and effective tips and tricks to succeed in the challenge.Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa Ticket Price: S (excludes booking fees, includes packed lunch) Tickets via When purchasing your tickets, please decide how many people you want in your team and purchase tickets for the number of people in your group to help us with the logistics.Individual - 2 Persons Group - 0 3 Persons Group - 0 4 Persons Group - 0This will be the group that you will work together to finish the challenge during the SOOS-Tube Boot Camp.Growing up with older siblings in the media industry, they would watch TV and talk about things like camera angles and lighting and spot little mistakes on screen. His first real chance was when a singer friend asked if he wanted to produce a music video together.