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My son has settled down and he and my husband have become friends.I'm secure in his affection now and when we spend time apart, it's no big deal.Here read that touched my heart.(After nine long and frustrating months, I finally closed down my life in Australia and made my way to Canada I was very sad to say goodbye to my workmates because they were best friends I ever had.

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My love was very much used to his own space and suddenly having 2 people living practically on top of him, he was a little on edge.I wasn't used to sharing everything with another adult: the television, bathroom times, daily routines, so I was on edge myself.I think he was frightened to trust to me, but once he did let me in, he was amazed at how good things were.We laughed a lot and smooched a lot and I relaxed completely.My son viewed it as a great adventure and he was having the time of his life.

But all I could worry about was what a mess I would look when we finally arrived in Calgary at 5 am the following day *lol*.He said I wasn't grown up enough for a permanent relationship and because he didn't love me, he thought it would be better to be on his own. I was going home early and instead of going back to Sydney where I had lived, I would move in with her and her fiance in Brisbane until I got myself on my feet.It was killing me, but I had to face the inevitable: I had made a colossal mistake in giving up my life for a man who wasn't willing to compromise. I announced to Bikini Boy what my plans were and I told him I was sorry that he was so stubborn as to miss out on a fantastic life with me.He, on the other hand, loves to come home to a hot meal every day and a woman who loves him without question.He's discovered the very thing he was afraid of is the very thing he needs.But I was hopeful things would work out for the best.