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Young's main sonic project is a collaborative trio with Ian Temple and Jesse Perlstein called Sontag Shogun that makes use of analog sound treatments and nostalgic solo piano compositions in harmony to depict abstract places in our memory. Christine Renaudat - Selfie1-Nothing but listen "Selfie1-Nothing but listen", is a short potpourri of sounds, collected without any purpose in different places: Paris subway, Mexico DF cathedral, a street in La Habana, my house in Colombia, a garden in France, the voice of my daughter, her breathing...

However, Young recently released his debut duo album with cellist/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Martin entitled, A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand on Chihei Hatakeyama's label White Paddy Mountain. Small things I love and that are part of my life, almost nothing.

He also performs in a trio with pianist Shinya Sugimoto and 16mm projectionist Joel Schlemowitz as well in a post-Celtic folk duo with Daniel Merrill called Foxout! Young has shared the stage with notable artists such as Hauschka, Julia Kent, Aki Onda, Matana Roberts, Jason Lescalleet, Aaron Martin, Dead Rat Orchestra, Barn Owl, Sam Shalabi, Alexander Turnquist, Tom Carter, Noveller, Ben Vida & Koen Holtkamp among many others. This small work is inspired by Walt Whitman poem Song of Myself, and it's mixed with parts of Erik Satie's composition Caresse.

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His main interests as a performer lie in the analog treatment of surface-based audio (piezo mic'd objects and surfaces, manipulating tape and tone via texture and voltage), as he is not concerned with what one hears but how it is heard and through what lens.He has performed and released material throughout Europe, Asia, the US, UK and Canada.Different DJs will audition for the on-air host slot of the Morning Show, with a host being hired sometime after the 2017 Fundraising Marathon.All playlists, archives and chat boards will be here.For the last four years I have been taking a sample from every video I watch on my laptop. Since 2011, I'm exploring the sounds of violence and conflicts to create sound pieces and installations.

As a tip of the hat to William Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson I take the sample from the 23rd minute. I use the deep listening of voices and noises, with or without images, as a medium to explore the mechanisms of the personal traumatic memory.His work has received nominations for various renowned scholarships and residencies, for the German national “Sound Art Prize“ (2006), the Stiftung Kunstfonds stipend (2010), the „Supreme Concept Award“ at Kinetika 2014 (New Zealand), for the “Kahnweiler Prize for Sculpture“ (2001) and for the “Prize for Young European Photographers“ (1989), as well as critical recognition at more than 150 exhibitions of contemporary media art since the mid-1980s : including invitations to „Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art“ (ZKM | Karlsruhe 2012-2013), “Tonspur_expanded: The Loudspeaker“ (Vienna 2010), “Manifesta 7: Scenarios“ (Italy 2008), “Wireless Experience“ (ISEA, Helsinki 2004), “Zeitskulptur: Volumen als Ereignis“ (Linz 1997) and his solo exhibition “Timo Kahlen: Works with Wind“, inaugurating the Kunst-Werke Berlin in 1991. Faxen - In this momentary awareness I tried to tell myself,... The travel takes place by association and imagination.Timo Kahlen received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Hochschule der Künste Berlin in 1993. The piece was produced for a site specific sound installation for the Hummelhofbad spa that contrasts the wellness atmosphere by presenting reports and sounds from the cold and dark deep sea. The gradual speeding up and slowing down of a boat engine's stroke connects directly to the sense of time, movement, narrative: with sound as a vehicle for time travel, perception of space- time and Doppler effect.Tune in, log on, be nice — trying out for something live and on the air ain’t easy!And send any comments or suggestions about the Morning show to Station Manager Ken.12/19/16Hearty thanks once again to all who pledged to WFMU this Octovember!Bio: Jenn Mattinson is a freelance creative facilitator and community sound artist working mostly in Cumbria and Lancashire. It has a black leather cover, a bag that has a strap that can be adjusted to different lengths, so that you can, for example, put it over your shoulder on the street and take it with you. And then there are many small round holes, to let the sound through. Many words have been embossed on the bag, for example “made in USSR”. Tumi Magnússon (Iceland): Voyage There and Back In the remote villages of Iceland small fishing boats are a way of life.