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Flirt back, and let the interaction move forward steadily (pounce via conversation rather than physical initiative at this point).

Salsa clubs and parties are excellent for meeting fellow Hispanic Americans.Salsa dancing is a huge part of Hispanic culture (revered now by many Americans as well) and it is a great avenue for flirting and meeting potential dates.Sibling responsibility also plays a big role in Latin dating, as a young woman's brother is usually raised to be somewhat protective over his sister.American culture puts far less emphasis on connecting with a date's family, and family values in general, than Hispanic culture does.Many towns and cities offer Hispanic athletic leagues (soccer in particular) as well as clubs and cultural groups.

There are also festivals and gatherings held periodically almost everywhere that are aimed specifically at the Hispanic community.

Becoming involved in things like these has a way of broadening your overall circle of connections and will eventually lead you right into the types of people you'd like to date.

Just go to your local town hall or community center and inquire, and check advertisements in your local newspaper.

This is an obstacle that can be surpassed pretty easily with a little forced communication (just put your partner on the spot and make him or her put everything out there), but it is something to be aware of and expected in Hispanic relationships.

Things like this are somewhat dependent on just how Americanized any given family is, as women screaming at their husbands because the dishes aren't done and men crying like toddlers when they stub their toe is basically run of the mill in the States.

Furthermore, salsa classes can actually be a fantastic way to meet fellow Hispanics in and of themselves, so even if you're a decent dancer already it might be worth the time and money to hone up your skills.