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A situation is created which suggests Bob may have had a one-night stand with Carl and Holly deliberately preys on Rose’s insecurities and creates further doubts. The story also follows the attempts of Rose’s mother to find a reliable boyfriend, and Bob's campaigning mother who runs a fictional gay support group called "Parents Against Homophobia" (PAH! The series is a gentle romantic comedy with each episode managing to end at an emotional or comic climax – as when Bob follows Rose down the street after they argue in a pub.

He admits that their first heterosexual sex act has confused him but he wants to do it again.

Straddling the area from College and Ashby through Claremont and Ashby, it includes some of the most popular shopping and foodie destinations — and many hidden architectural treasures.

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Equally confused, Rose turns towards the camera and unromantically says: "Oh bollocks! The script takes some shrewd looks at emotions and motivations but also contrasts the different atmosphere and attitudes within gay and straight UK night clubs – as in the scene where a straight man cannot get into a straight club wearing trainers but the gay men can enter their club wearing skimpy satin sports clothes.One important scene which explains Bob’s disenchantment with the gay clubs comes when he is approached by an attractive man who talks only about physical acts.who had previously been responsible for the much-discussed Channel 4 drama Queer as Folk, another Red Production Company programme.Bob was played by stand-up comedian and actor Alan Davies (no relation to writer Russell), who was at the time best known for his lead role in the BBC television mystery series Jonathan Creek.Both the 86-year-old Hugh and Holly often spoke about how they would be together forever, but with the famous magazine mogul signalling both children and marriage was not an option for him, the couple split in 2008.

Hugh then shocked the world when he became engaged to his now wife 24-year-old Crystal Harris.

Quality upgrades have been made throughout, while remaining true to the aesthetic of the era.

Bob & Rose is a British television drama, originally screened in six one-hour episodes on the ITV network in the UK in Autumn 2001.

This gorgeous Tudor condo is tucked at end of private drive in a 4-unit building, surrounded by beautiful greenery.

The Claremont-Elmwood district is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the East Bay.

Bob and Rose find happiness and Carl gets an angelic dream date. Bob is a secondary school English teacher by day and by night he goes to the gay clubs on Canal Street, Manchester, and has casual encounters.