How to chat dirty in mobile

So, for family, close friends, and clients on the of an event, I give them a different number that I do monitor closely.

But If you really want to be removed from the group, you do have another alternative: remove yourself.

In most text applications, you can choose to leave the conversation yourself.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a very active group text that keeps blowing up your phone? Here’s a question from a listener about this very issue that many of us have had to deal with.

How does one ask to be removed from a group text without causing offense?

I know on an i Phone you can remove yourself from a group text, but the downfall of this is that it does notify everyone that you left the group—so they might still get ruffled.

Certainly when you leave a group, it may cause questions, but more likely it will bring offense and petty issues.

On an i Phone, you can mute a conversation —that is not get notifications for it (Go into “Details” and select “Do Not Disturb.") This might be better if you want to avoid hurt feelings, or if you prefer to be in stealth mode.

For instance, if you are away, you can just ignore all of those texts and just turn the notifications back on again when you return home.

This way, you can choose to look at the stream on whatever schedule you want—once a day, once a week, or never!

On Skype and Facebook Messenger, you can also "leave the conversation” on your own, but again, the others will again be notified.

This way, I can look at them when I want to and not have them be disturbing to me.