How to succeed at internet dating edinburgh festival

Show type: Edinburgh Fringe 2012 BBC New Comedy Awards finalist Mark Restuccia is one of the most prolific internet daters in his weight class.A world class internet dater of nearly 10 years, he is an authority on the subject.

He occasionally ventures into interesting territory about how going on countless dates has normalised the experience for him, or how it has actually intensified his expectations of women and relationships.Restuccia occasionally borrows a Gervais-esque ineptness or shifty raise of the eyebrows, both of which are flat and lack the energy needed to galvanise the routine.Throw in a handy Power Point to supply images and videos, and you’ve got a reasonably solid and organised act.This show actually has the potential to be very funny. Mostly pleasant actually, but I've had the necessary rubbish ones, but i did that on purpose so that it's now become a right little belter of a show which you should definitely come and see. How are you going to keep it fresh for the full three weeks? How else are we going to get some of our money back?

(I'm really joining another one.) What's the worst mistake people make at the Fringe?

Some - but unfortunately not all - shows are listed in various newspapers, on billboards and on websites.

People in the streets of Edinburgh hand out leaflets, flog tickets and stage scenes from their plays as if their lives depended upon it. First things first - Get real Before you even start to plan, resign yourself to the fact that not only can't you see everything but when it's all over you'll realize there were things you missed because: Score a few Edinburgh Festival tickets.....not too many.

Pick up the buzz about what's hot and act on it fast.

Remember, though, you have to get up early to stay ahead of other trend seekers.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city.