Importance of body language in dating

Once again, our limbic brain communicates through our bodies precisely the true sentiments that we feel and orchestrates accurate corresponding nonverbal displays.

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This system that evolved over time, which alerts us instantly of any perceived danger, also instantly communicates to others around us.Just as our brain forces us to freeze in place when we see an aggressive dog or large felines while on safari, it also communicates to others instantly, through our bodies, whether or not we are comfortable or uncomfortable, content or miserable, safe or unsafe.It doesn't have to think, it just reacts to the world in real time and our bodies show how we feel.Someone gives us bad news and our lips compress; the bus leaves without us and we are clenching our jaws and rubbing our necks.Couples who no longer touch or walk close together are easy to spot but sometimes the more subtle behaviors are even more accurate.

An example of this is when couples touch each other with their fingertips rather than their full hand (distancing behavior) indicative of psychological discomfort.

For millions of years, our early ancestors ambled on this planet, navigating a very dangerous world.

They did so by communicating effectively their needs, emotions, fears, and desires with each other.

If we had to think, even for a few seconds, at every perilous encounter (imagine a coiled rattle snake by your leg) we would have died out as a species.

Instead we evolved to react to threats or anything that might harm us and not to think (the "freeze, flight, fight response" I talk about in .

The limbic brain likes to classify the world in black and white terms; there is no gray area. You may intellectually know a particular snake is harmless but you react on an emotional and physiological manner as though it is deadly.