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Internet dating is becoming an increasingly popular way for women in India to find suitable partners for dating and marriage.

Generally there is no wooing or meeting before the marriage, however there is an exception if you are a foreigner looking to meet an Indian woman, in which case meeting online is usually the easiest way to get the ball rolling.

Within India parents and relatives have a lot of say over a woman and her relationship.

Dowries are also common with the bride's father giving presents to the groom's family, even though this practice is illegal.

It's important to understand how an Indian relationship works, and how it differs from the western relationship ' so you can understand and thrive in your relationship.

The cultural differences are small and fading fast.

A prominent Indian film director recently commented that the cultural differences were disappearing because...

Respect and kindness towards each other are important values that should always be kept in any relationship.

It's important to remember that 9 out of 10 marriages in India are arranged, so the best way to get into a long term relationship with a girl you like is to get on her parents good side.

With any Indian woman you are interested in, it will be very valuable if you get to know her family and culture.

Then you will know what you can and cannot do in their culture.

One nice thing about dating Indian women today is that most urban women are modern and cosmopolitan.