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Let people decide if they want what you’re offering. If you encounter someone like this then run for the hills!!

Red Flag 4: False Relationship Status Anyone who’s online dating has experienced those who SAY they’re single but really aren’t. If you’re lucky they will tell you once you start chatting, but many aren’t so upfront about it. The red flag is that the person acts more like a “pen pal” than someone who actually wants to meet you in person. They also only talk to you at certain times and it’s rarely in the evening or on the weekend.

When someone is serious about wanting to meet a life partner they will make an effort to tell you about themselves and what they are looking for.

I once dated a guy who drove an expensive car but was unemployed and living in his parents’ basement.Also, someone who asks too many prying questions about your finances and personal financial information OR who asks you for money is a BIG RED FLAG – RUN!Good and honest pictures go a long way to getting you the partner who will want you for you!BONUS Red Flag: Financial and Employment Status Typically, people are looking for someone with some stability.I can’t stress enough the importance of being honest about how you look online!

Remember that you will have to MEET the person you’re talking to and chances are you won’t charm them with your winning personality! When asked, the biggest pet peeve people have with online dating is that people don’t look like their pictures.

Your picture is your logo and you need to have a good one.

I suggest three pictures – one head shot, one body shot (that shows your true body type) and one picture demonstrating you doing something you love.

The red flag is the person who avoids basic questions about their occupation or living arrangements.

Also, someone who brags TOO much about what they do or their possessions is looking for validation.

If you’re online dating and weeding through profiles, there are some red flags you need to be wary of.