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Because this method requires specific configuration of the Web server, it is not recommended for the hobbyist publisher.

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The engine also supports compression using the HTTP gzip support of Microsoft Win32 Internet (Win Inet).

A successful synchronization means that the feed was successfully downloaded, verified, transformed into the native format, and merged into the store.

By default, the maintains a maximum of 200 items per feed.

When the number of items in the feed store exceeds the specified maximum, the oldest items are deleted.

There are two ways for a publisher to indicate to the browser that a feed is no longer active: with an HTTP response from the server, or a custom tag in the XML source of the feed itself.

If the response to a feed download request, it immediately stops automatic updates of that feed by setting the Sync Setting to FSS_MANUAL.

Client applications can discover items with enclosures by enumerating the Items collection of the Feed object, and looking for those with a valid Enclosure property.

Refer to the Screen Saver Sample for an example of this.

Additionally, the time to live (TTL) value of the feed also has a direct affect on how often a feed may be updated, even if the default download interval is decreased.

The following properties, listed in order of priority, directly affect how often a feed is checked for updates. (An application can initiate a forced update of individual feeds at any time via the Download method.).

(See Download Enclosures Automatically.) The schedules these downloads with BITS, which must be running as a service for the downloads to complete.