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I have two problems, however: 1) Making an abused practice like no-knock raids more practical/less risky makes it more difficult to curtail their use.

There are similar arguments around "less-lethal" weapons and the Geneva Conventions.

A simple CW doppler radar using single source and single direct conversion detector does not give range information.For range information you need some kind of modulation appled to the EM source.You can do this with modern DSP systems but it's not simple, which might account for the 6000USD mil price tag meaning the BOM is going to be around 100-150USD.You can compare this with a simple 3cm traffic light doppler radar that has about 10USD of components in it or similar intruder detector down below 4USD.• January 27, 2015 PM @Heroux:"The radar they use not only sees through walls but [they can focus the radar beam and burn your skin also, it can leave bad burns. Its usually most effective to stretch it over chickenwire, and earth the whole thing (e.g.

They can also focus the radar beams on your head while you are awake or sleeping and it makes your brain swell in your head and causes severe headaches and you can't focus your thoughts." Active applications (after [) of this device should subject to criminal prosecution as torture. Clive, is Faraday Cage like metal mesh/thin foil attached to the wall and cover it totally prevent harmful usage of this technology? • January 27, 2015 PM The supreme court I seem to remember decided that using infrared cameras to spot cannabis farms was a search requiring a warrant. run a wire to metal plumbing pipe in your hotel room).2) The police have whole-heartedly embraced "parallel construction".They will use this device or its successors to look inside homes in lieu of proper, time-consuming, legitimate investigations.First off, we don't know what sort of radiation this device emits, realisticaly it could be either sound or EM waves.I'll assume for now it's some kind of microwave EM system due to the size of the unit in the photographs.Traditionaly this would be pulses but with the speed of light being ~3E8 m/S to get a sensible range indication --ie about 1-5% of total range-- would mean having a pulse width of 5E-10 Sec which is not realy practical as that would put the transmisson frequency above 40GHz which would be problematic with many types of wall.