Inuyasha dating story with different endings

it doesn't quite fit in the time sequence of the show, it sort of serves as a side story.i wouldn't recommend this if you haven't seen any of the show or at least read the manga because then it wouldn't make sense.

If you do read it and don't like it then there's not a whole lot I can say as I won't apoligize for my work. He wasn't conceded by any meaning of the word but after so many years of being wanted it caught him off guard to find that there was actually one that didn't want him.

Plain and boring are just a few words to describe Kagome and her life.

filled with fighting, jokes, romance, and the characters that only this series can provide.

having their original voice actors and music that can be linked to that of the show, it wins in the department of having that "inuyasha" feel to it.

well, as an inuyasha fan i shall take it upon myself to write one : D the first inuyasha movie, affections touching across time, quite the piece of work it is.

the story line to it had the same sort of feeling that any of the other inuyasha movies had and the show as well.

the only thing i have to complain about in this movie is the art.

the art for inuyasha in the anime was beautiful, it wasn't flashy or quite as modern but i fell in love with it.

For example- In the inuyasha series sesshomaru's face is not that long.

In this movie however,sesshomaru's face looke really long and narrow. Im not sure if it was just me but Kagome's eyes looked bigger and browner than usual.

the art is different in this movie from the original though at times it looked like it tried to revert.