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We have alot of classic rock, rap and hip-hop, ambient, electronic, etc.

We are updating our music rooms and currently have hundreds and hundreds of full songs.

Palace Address: cx:9998 Forgotten Lies, a new pally where people of all ages can just chill and hangout.

This palace has games, houses, apartments, and more we got a cool staff to. "we are hiring" Palace Address: Come on down to Frozen Roses. Some of those things are- Avs, preps,unis, silents, animes, goths, you name it. Also, we will never be hiring, so don't bother asking.

We also have propdrops, clone rooms, lockables, edit rooms, and more! And another thing, the backgrounds may not load at first, but if you hang around for a couple minutes, they should load.

Palace Address: Hey, We want you to know that we have a big variety of avatars from preps to goth to bonitas to silent to thug and more! On an unrelated note, and the Palacetools Directory have been down. We've also added a second pally just for housing..we've expanded to fit your needs. Palace Address: Looking for a cool place to kick back and chill, Internal Screams is the palace you have been waiting for.

We are just now getting our clans up and they're filling up FAST for positions, so you MIGHT want to HURRY and come! So if your favorite palace isn't up yet, it should be soon! Well that about wraps it up, we hope to see you at Forgotten Lies! Forgotten Lies, the truth is remembered, but lies are forgotten....

No firm date on when they will be back online at this time. come to the palace and check out the website and to fill out a form for what you would like.

We have clans, houses, apts, back accounts, making a school, movie theatre, towns, jobs, getting music, clubs, and a suggestion room. I know Palacetools is hard at work to get their services back up. We offer clan houses and apartments and are currently hiring.Don't forget the date--August 29, Friday, 7.30 PM eastern time!! No, fusion is not a 'gay lez' only palace, lol, Anyone can come, but it is to have people of the same sexuality meet and find new mates. The party will be lots of fun, and remember, theres still tons and tons of avatars, and apartments, and clan houses, IT WILL BE FUN!!! This palace is always comming up with new ideas and working hard to put them to work. We have Clans, Apts, Av's, Houses and Lots of space for you to be creative and do your thing.and decorate your own house or apt..start your own clan...visit us and see our Av rooms, holiday avs, and donated avs. Palace Address: Finally after many months of death and revival... Each participating palace has conjured up a few well scripted rooms to show you how much fun you can have without leaving your home. Palace Address: Hey tropical girls n guyz if u wanna have a relaxing time sittin and sun tanning at the beach and meeting hot chicks and hot guys come here!! We are an all-ages palace with a strong international theme and Disney World influence! Palace Address: Hidden Secrets grand opening! They have over 1000 avatars (what are currently in 'style'). A Friendly staff to help you with any concerns or problems!We strive for excellency so that you can have a more pleasant stay. So for a drama free, artistic palace please visit us at the Dark Surroundings. We also have activities thats you can take part in or not.... You'll have the chance to visit many exotic destinations in Palace Space, brave (and riddle) your way through the haunted house and have your fortune told by real gypsy-bots. its BRAND new and not up and running yet but we are hiring so please come and fill out an app. Our World Showcase represents over 200 countries, as well as several republics who are not considered a "Nation". And, A well taken care of palace to enhance you chating experence. just e-mail us about your idea(s) and we guarantee it'll be done within 2 days time. With all that Anime Kingdom has to offer you are sure to not be dissappointed! (Making The Band) in which several people will compete to be featured on thetemple theme and another song to be written and performed by YOU!!! ALSO we're expanding our av selection and by the time you read this we should be offering music also. Palace Address: Finally, after many changes inside and out. The staff at Forgotten Lies are awesome, helpful and will be there when you page them! We have an RP area,new and original bg's and avatars and a freindly staff. Of course people we see frequenting the pally more will be first in line for positions, so come get aqcuainted with the staff and guests and put in ya app. The backgrounds at the pally are awesome, and you anime lovers out there will like them. Palace Address: Come to Anime Kingdom the newest and most original anime palace out! Also..shortly we'll be starting freestyle competitions so come flex ya skillz with the best. We're looking for a few good wizzies so come thru and apply. At Forgotten lies you can get an apt, clan or tree house. We have events such as horse shows, av contests, editing contests and more.