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By November 2014, it was also confirmed that Garfield would join the cast of Hacksaw Ridge, a war drama about Desmond Doss, a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian and the first conscientious objector in US history to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Mel Gibson directed and Garfield starred alongside Vince Vaughn and Sam Worthington.

In February 2015, Sony and Marvel Studios secured a deal which would integrate the Spider-Man character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were scrapped and the franchise was closed.

He made his feature-film debut in the 2007 ensemble drama Lions for Lambs.

Garfield first came to international attention in 2010 with supporting roles in the drama films The Social Network, for which he received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for his portrayal of Eduardo Saverin, and Never Let Me Go, for which he received a Saturn Award and another BAFTA nomination.

Emma Stone has Power Point to thank, among other things, for her chance at blossoming into the A-List actor she has become. When she was just 14 years old, Emily Stone (AKA Emma) convinced her family via computer presentation, set to Madonna's "Hollywood," to leave Arizona for the bright lights of Los Angeles.

After many an audition, Stone made her debut as the totally crushable, yet relatable, Jules in the comedy , and has since captured everyone's attention with her good looks, hilarious comedy timing and realistic approach to acting.But this movie covers all of these different kind of relationships, and it looks at them in original ways. magazine that's recently been circulating through social media, Andrew reflected on the festivities, explaining eight of his closest friends had travelled to El Lay to surprise him… He spilled: The now-33-year-old spilled there was even one point when he and all his friends began to dance individually — unaware that the others were also dancing — when they realized they were all somehow busting the same moves!He said of his character, Tommy D., "There's a sense of anxiety that runs through these kids, especially Tommy, because he's so sensory and feeling and animalistic, that's my perspective of him." He further remarked that the scenes in which his character—unable to contain his frustration—erupts with a wail, were "intense" for him."I think those screams are inside all of us, I just got a chance to let mine out".Much like her impressive breakthrough in Hollywood, Miss Stone has blazed quite the trail in the fashion world, quickly becoming the It Girl.