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But the rapid expansion certainly came as a surprise, with Rhodes adding: 'It's not the way we had planned it! , the fitness guru explained she and Heidi Rhoades are rushing to tie the knot before Donald Trump and his Cabinet strips them of their federal right to get married. The 42-year-old revealed: "I don't trust—neither one of us trust anything that's coming out of [Trump's] mouth, and our concern is that—we're hoping, and again, we don't fully understand, but we're hoping that if we're already married, you get grandfathered in.

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The Biggest Loser trainer popped the question during the season finale of her E!

reality show Just Jillian, which aired on Tuesday, March 8.

Holly says her love life has improved since moving to New York.

Holly believes her legs are definitely an asset now, 'being older I feel like people appreciate them more' Growing up, Holly said she used her height to her advantage playing a variety of sports and helping her shorter friends - and used to help her friends reach things in high places a lot Holly, pictured with a passer-by, said: She said: ' I love the attention that I get.

Do you think he's not going to bring this back to the courts? I'm so upset about this, and I've never been the one to get militant, but you know what?