college dating tips for girls Is kate gosselin dating

Or is Kate Gosselin playing with fire by dating two guys?

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"They were smiling and laughing together," the eyewitness narrated."He even put his hand on her back while they were looking at the pictures." "Kate looked tired, but very happy," the source added.Aside from Steve Neild, Kate Gosselin is also allegedly dating controversial entrepreneur Jeff Prescott.A report from Ok Magazine addressed how the single mom supposedly received an engagement ring from the hotshot millionaire. Not even dating [anyone]," Kate Gosselin explained via social media about her supposed engagement ring.News in 2011 that, “If there’s anyone who wants to deal with us, that would be good.” It seems like she may have found just that with Jeff, who himself is a father of three.

Do you think the pair will last or should they both just focus on their kids?"A paparazzi who followed them took the incriminating photos.And then TLC paid out big bucks to take them off the market," a source revealed.Gosselin was said to be punishing her children by hitting them with a wooden spoon for minor misdeeds like not adjusting to potty training fast enough.Jon reportedly knew about his ex-wife’s treatment of their children and was furious about it.Kate has said in the past that she knows how difficult it would be to find a man willing to take on her whopping eight children.