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Hunan became an important communications center due to its position on the Yangzi River.

It was an important centre of scholarly activity and Confucian thought, particularly in the Yuelu Academy in Changsha.

At this time, and for hundreds of years thereafter, it was a magnet for migration of Han Chinese from the north, who displaced or assimilated the indigenous people, cleared forests and began farming rice in the valleys and plains.To this day many of the small villages in Hunan are named after the Han families who settled there.It was also on the Imperial Highway constructed between northern and southern China.The land produced grain so abundantly that it fed many parts of China with its surpluses.The Taiping Rebellion began in the south in Guangxi Province in 1850.

The rebellion spread into Hunan and then further eastward along the Yangzi River valley. Plus, I get just off-peak Paul Newman (handsomest man this side of Idris Elba), and Robert Redford.I’m gay to the bone, but I suppose I could give Jared Leto a handjob, and Jeffrey Tambor seems like a very nice man. There is not one person in that cast that I would not want to put my hands all over, especially Chris Pine. Please, let me be the peanut butter cream filling in that Spork sandwich cookie.It entered the written history of China around 350 BC, when under the kings of the Zhou Dynasty, it became part of the State of Chu.After Qin conquered the Chu heartland in 278 BC, the region came under the control of Qin, and then the Han dynasty.named after the Xiang River which runs through the province.