Is ryan ross still dating z berg

Because I will go down with the Brendon/Spencer ship. Hey so I was reading this fic the other day where Ryan made bad decisions on who he dated so Spencer took over and like made everyone Ryan had sex with go through like std screenings and Spencer got to pick who Ryan had sex with. Does anyone have Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly Again by forbiddenverses saved by any chance?

He had sex with Pete, Gerard and Lynz, Brendon, Jon, Jon and Brendon at the same time, and others. I'm pretty much begging, because that fic makes me feel better about my indecision about what I even want to do with my life. The journal is deleted and a few years ago there was a link to a mediafire download of it but now it doesn't exist. This is a longshot but maybe someone can help me out.

I've read this a few times and have no idea why I'm having such difficulty finding it again. Panic, I loe when they are babies but there doesn't seem to be too many2)Where they are animals3) Where one of them is popular and/or one of them is unpopular4) College!

AU5) Disability fics6) Any Teacher/Student fics or agegap fics Thanks in advance Tags: ! panic, bestiality, college, disability, disability: blindness, disability: deafness, disability: muteness, kink: ageplay, pairing: ryan/brendon, pairing: ryan/spencer, pedophilia, teacher/student, turning into animals, where one of them is popular Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any fic by stealstheashes saved.

Thanks xx Hello, I was wondering if you lovely people could recommend me any Brendon/Spencer fics where they are excessively cute together, like hands in the back of the other's pockets, stary-eyed in love soulmates destined to be together forever kind of fluff.

I want them to be that couple, you know the couple everybody hates, but also who everybody wants to be because they're just so perfect for each other.

I read the start of this fic a while ago and can't find it again, it was Ryden and Brendon end up kissing Ryan shortly after he wakes up but I'm not sure what happened after.

If anyone can find this fic or know were it is please link me it I've been looking for this is my first time posting here or to lj in general so I'm sorry if I did anything wrong. If you want to request a tag, leave a comment on the Tags Request Post.I am looking for Ryden fanfiction, which was written during last 5-6 years ;) What I'd like to find is:*Ryden pairing (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross)! The plot line would be nice ^_^*positive and kind in general with more or less happy ending! :)Yes, I've read The Heart Rate of a Mouse, and lots of fiction before THROAM-era. I desperately want to reread the whole Thornton Hill series - especially And Some You Do For - Ryden, written by softlyforgotten.Brendon and Ryan eventually fall in love and I remember this makes Ryan's skin glow. My main pairing is Ryan/Brendon but Ryan/Jon or Ryan/Spencer would be pretty neat too.1) More kid! fic but it doesn't matter)5)Abusive fics.6) Prison!Fics2) Disability fics, blind, mute, deaf or mental illnesses would be cool too3) Badboy! or Mental institution would be cool 7) Are there any Gabe Saporta/ Ryan Ross fics out there? Thanks in advance Tags: abuse, au: boarding school, au: foster care, character: gabe saporta, disability, disability: blindness, disability: deafness, disability: muteness, kid! panic, kink, kink: d/s, mental disorder, pairing: jon/ryan, pairing: ryan/brendon, pairing: ryan/other, pairing: ryan/spencer, ryan (hurt), ryan (innocent), ryan (insecure), ryan (popular), ryan (protective), where one of them is popular The main pairing is Brendon/Ryan and it's set in a post-apocalyptic world.Spencer and Jon invite them to stay and Brendon and Ryan secretly bet each other on whether or not Spencer and Jon are dating (They are, it turns out later in the fic).