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Snaefell Mountain Railway climbs to the summit of Man's highest peak.

There’s plenty of fishing off the coast of the Isle of Man and you can enjoy great fresh seafood straight off the boats, often cooked over a hot grill or served simply.

From the flag tower you can get especially good views of the coast and town below.Reaching 621m (2,036 ft) at its peak, Snaefell is an attractive proposition for walkers.Built in 1854 to pump water from a mine, this giant wheel measures 22m (72.1ft) across and draws up to 1140L of water per minute from 550m (1,804ft) below the surface.Well-maintained and visually impressive, this is the largest wheel in the world of its kind.In the centre of the Island's former capital Castletown, find this wonderfully preserved 13th century castle.

Clamber up the spiral staircase, browse ancient tapestries, and explore all that lies within these ancient limestone walls.Variously a Norse stronghold, Scottish outpost and English protectorate, the history of long and complex, but the Manx Museum in Douglas, where interactive displays explain the Isle of Man's background background and take visitors up to the present, detailing even the latest TT winners.The most famous event on the Isle of Man are the TT Races (Based in the City of Peel, the House of Manannan examines the seafaring heritage of Celtic, Viking and modern day islanders.Using multimedia displays, the guide for the tour is Manannan, the island's mythological sea god shape-shifter.It is named after the wife of the then lieutenant-governor.