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Food supplies were much more abundant than in Europe, and there was an abundance of fertile land that needed farm families.

However, the disease environment was hostile in the malaria-ridden South, where a large portion of the arrivals died within five years.

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This is a history of women in the United States since 1776, and of the Thirteen Colonies before that.Insta Try lets users grab complete […] So you want to be a fashion vlogger or beauty blogger for that matter?You keep seeing all your favorite girls on You Tube and think – I can do that! You can virtually start with your i Phone or Samsung camera, it will work just fine.The American-born children were immune from the fatal forms of malaria.In New England, the Puritan settlers from England brought their strong religious values highly organized social structure with them.After 1700 most immigrants to Colonial America arrived as indentured servants—young unmarried men and women seeking a new life in a much richer environment.