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Janita's sixth studio album Seasons of Life was released in Finland in 2005 by Ofir Music and Reel Art, reaching number thirty-one on the Finnish Albums Chart.

Most notable are the album's compositions (generally written by Janita and Sachary), which are the best of her career." Sonic Scoop wrote, "If the sonic purity and emotional intensity of Haunted sounds like it's coming from somewhere very real, it's because it is.

Hearts broke in the making, as Janita split with her longtime collaborator/life partner Tomi Sachary even as he served as co-producer on the album.

A Finnish version of the album, "Tunteita," reached number thirty-seven on the Finnish chart.

According to Soul Tracks, "I'll Be Fine" was released to generally positive reviews for its "brand of smooth, jazz-infused vocal music," and also showed her growing talent as a songwriter.

A second album, Sävyjä, was released in 1994 on Reel Art.

As a teenager she soon broke into the mainstream in Finland, and became a fixture on radio, television, and on the touring and commercial circuits.In less than two weeks time I was able to track my family back to 1877.This is in no small part due to the vast storehouse of data that is available through My Heritage.Dig It also released her single "Ready or Not" around that time. She was quickly signed to Sony Music Entertainment's 550 Music at age 18.Janita, which included new music and the track "Getting Over" from Believer, "I'll Be Fine" was released as a single.Tomi Ervi is 17 years older than Janita and they met when Janita was only 13 years old and Mr. They moved to Brooklyn, New York when Janita was 17.