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Her passion for writing also extends to self-publishing, as evident in her book, , which tells the story of a woman struggling with her identity.

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After being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, she took refuge in what she did best: writing.

Her journals then evolved into her first creative nonfiction work, , where she tells the story of her plight and the insights she gained from the experience. Butters has long been interested in medieval history and pursuing eclectic studies, skills, and life experiences (including working with a destrier) to establish a deeper understanding of the subject.

Catch her as she signs copies of her inspiring memoir at the famous Washington, DC Turkish Festival on Sunday, September 28, 2014. This has allowed Butters to write a convincing medieval tale with vivid period details and accurate fourteenth-century vocabulary, . Butters in a book-signing event this coming Sunday, August 31, at Rhabi Rites is a successful and award-winning playwright from Greensboro, North Carolina.

The self-published book follows the story of Scottish knight Sir Malcolm Drummond as he charges into mystery, murder, treason, treasure, and romance. Her monologues have been published in different books, and her plays have received great reviews.

She has been travelling across the country doing numerous book signings since her first book, .

The second book introduces some new characters into Zenobia's fun Virginia Beach community, but it still retains the quirky characters and interesting events that were the highlight of the first book.

His poems are inspired by his dreams, which he had often shared with his brother.

Don will be signing copies of his poetry collection on November 13, p.m., at the Cinammon Tree in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The self-published book traces the development of the first atomic bomb and—through fictional characters and invented interviews—shows the humanistic side of this endeavor.

To promote his book, Howell hosted the first of a series of book signings at the South Arlington/Four Corners branch of in Texas last October 19, 2014.

She found that she loved the job so much that when she returned to the United States, she continued on this career path in various school districts.