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Linked Up shows users in close GPS proximity with their profession, hometown, and connections though other Linked In users.

They may still be trying to find themselves or could lack commitment.5. Most Linked In users have a broad network of connections, with most users liberally accepting connection requests.

There isn't much personal information you need to keep hidden, as is the case with Facebook.

It offers the most important info about potential suitors.

Linked In makes it easy to review possible matches based on the info that matters – where you're from, where you went to school, and what you do.

Linked In can help you get a job, show off your credentials, and, unexpectedly, may even help you find love.

Here are six reasons why Linked In is love's secret weapon.1. With over 300 million users across 200 countries and territories, Linked In boasts a significant number of targets for cupid's arrows. Linked In is a network of driven, working professionals, not sketchy men taking selfies while posing in wife beaters.2.

No one is sharing bachelorette photos on Linked In, which means there's no need to be stingy with accepting connections.

This results in large networks of various connections – maybe the new girl at your workplace went to college with a high school buddy of yours.

Jennifer Garner is reportedly bouncing back from her split from Ben Affleck, secretly dating one of her former hunky co-stars.

OK Magazine reports that the former "Alias" star, 43, is dating "Grey’s Anatomy" alum Patrick Dempsey, 49.

Smart was one of the brunette's dancers and it seems as though he's since been promoted. He and Shannon de Lima broke the news of their relationship on Twitter not long after J. Things seem to be serious for them, too: Anthony got a tattoo in his gal's honor not long ago!