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Every now and again I like to take a time out to thank you all for being my friend on this page ... It's taken me a few days to get over the disappointment of the way Rousey was defeated... Rousey definitely lived a great career by the sword.

well He's just happy we had meatballs covered in roloff farm pumpkin barbecue sauce!!

I was starting to worry when the family got so quiet and noncommittal. On a rewatch, I love how Jeremy keeps insisting he “buried” the storage container and yet it’s still completely visible and above ground. Jeremy tells Zach how completely invisible the totally visible box is.

In the car on their way off the property both Jer and Auj look pissed. ” Sometimes it’s a little sad how easy it is to please Amy. And Jer and Auj *really* aren’t good at faking it which means they were genuinely pissed.Amy and Chris do a little tame ride, I mean this is hardly a Hells Angels thing. Well, maybe they pulled over and fucked for Jesus on the way home - I kind of adore how Auj and Jer are all “OMG they might touch!Oh hey, Audrey needs a book, handwarmers and *condoms*! Matt again notes how Amy is a pain about money and how he’s spending farm business money on the auctions and Amy can look at the books if she wishes. Auj is in French braids, channeling Pippi Longstocking, and they do stretchy ballet yoga. Amy is struck by how nice it is to have a man give a shit about her personal safety and opinions. Truthfully, a lot of this seems staged but I would direct Jeremy to watch his father note publicly on camera how he hides his spending from Amy and lies to her and maybe comment on how he feels about his father’s actions.Who in Christian families explained to their children what condoms were for? I question the wisdom of putting it in the castle, because it seems pretty nice and the castle is essentially outdoors. Amy tells Auj about her upcoming motorcycle date with Chris. So, Matt’s bought more stuff and is again openly noting on camera how he’s going to hide it all and lie to her and how damn awesome it is to hide how he spends money from Amy. Amy nervously answers a phone call from her new man Chris. Amy does yoga stretching and then notes that Matt is auditioning for Hoarders out in one of the barns. ” – there’s an argument about stuff and Matt notes in the haybale how Amy is stupid and has no idea how awesome the stuff is and how important his hoard is. I mean, it’s funny how Jeremy doesn’t chide his dad for not sharing the finances and not sitting down once a week, come hell or high water and have himself a navigator’s council with Amy to make sure things are on track.And there are more changes ahead for Matt and Amy Roloff, the Helvetia-area couple whose divorce the show has already chronicled.

According to a TLC press release, in the new season, "Matt and Amy continue to live their separate yet interconnected lives," while "managing the emotional and operational challenges of running the farm." In the new season premiere, TLC says, "Matt gets ready to undergo a life-changing spinal procedure in Los Angeles.I’ll miss her, and I am not even a big Star Wars fan. I continue to note how the windmill is stupid, and my prepper side notes that there’s nowhere near enough water storage in the bunker.It’s also revealed that the bunkbeds were made by farm staff so basically the twins are just goofing around playing fort.As the family prepares for the worst, another major event shakes the farm to the core.Amy, Zach and the rest of the family receive news that their essential and beloved farm foreman Camerino is being deported to Mexico, and can no longer work in the United States." In other developments, Amy Roloff begins to think about re-entering the dating world: "Amy isn't sure she's ready but dips her toe into the pool with a group singles outing, then plunges in headfirst by hosting her own party," according to the press release.PHOTOS: DUIs, Drugs, Racist Slurs & Death Rumors: The 10 Most Shocking Secrets & Scandals Of ‘Little People, Big World’s Roloff Family Amy may have bigger issues to deal with anyway, after secretly suing Oregon’s Washington County and two if its employees after allegedly enduring a terrifying encounter with a building services inspector reportedly turned physical .