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It all boils down to the same personality traits that we all have.

Her race is not central to the character’s identity in the show.

I think the show really represents the world as most people experience it today.

Sometimes these companies don’t realize that what they are doing isn’t working until something breaks.

TWLC: Your clients are often rich and powerful people.

Can advice for the scenarios they face help people with “every day” crises such as office politics, carpools, and squabbles with other moms in the PTA?

Judy Smith: The essence of crisis is the same whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or chairman of the church bake sale committee.What is it about Judy Smith that captivated my attention? It’s that she wants to give everyone–not just her rich and powerful clients, who've included President George H. Bush, NFL quarterback Michael Vick, Monica Lewinsky, and the World Health Organization’s response to the SARS epidemic–the tools necessary to survive and overcome a disaster. My honey can be caught photographed in a woman’s G-string (I’m using creative license here).Pot can be found in Judy Smith: Shonda has done a great job at writing some pretty “scandalous” storylines and has really captured the fast pace, “think quick on your feet,” chaotic nature of the crisis management world.TWLC: There must be tons of roadblocks to getting a show from concept to airing in prime time.That process certainly must have had its share of crisis.TWLC: Actor Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, the character you inspired. As I watched, I thought, Olivia Pope is a strong, smart, fierce, successful businesswoman who happens to be African-American.