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She opened up about mental health, social media and her fans, boyfriends and sexuality, and much more in this extremely candid interview.

His hair, cropped close on the sides but long enough on top to be tied in a short bleached ponytail, is tucked under a gray Supreme beanie.

His feet are snuggled into a pair of café au lait Yeezy Boosts.

He is wearing what could be anywhere from two to 41 black sweatshirts of various lengths, layered, and distressed leather pants that retail for ,590.

Everyone else by the pool is wearing clothes; he is wearing fashion.

The dish is so massive that in order to accommodate it, a metal urn filled with enough ice and soft drinks to sustain a pioneer family on a trek across Death Valley is moved to an adjacent table.

Well, we’ll let him explain.) Now he’s found a better way to make up with the world: by making the best music of his life—and forcing all of us to rethink what we believe (Beliebe? The chicken-finger platter that has just been placed before Justin Bieber is like something out of a children’s book—an illustration from a story about a boy who becomes king, whose first and last royal decree is that it’s chicken-finger time. (Though it turns out he didn’t mean sorry so much as… Then he spent all of last year telling us he was sorry.Her ex-boyfriend is a heroin addict who she followed to New York: They met in the studio — each, unbeknownst to the other, broke off the relationships they were in that night.They began seeing each other soon after…even though it has been on and off (it’s currently off), they’ve lived together virtually nonstop since they met, including in the new house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sherman Oaks that Halsey recently purchased.The duo sparked relationship rumors after photos surfaced of them on what appeared to be a hiking date.