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So i went to my mates place and got alcohol n we had a bbq nd so on... First time contributor saying good evening and please let me know by your votes if you find this event in my life interesting.

The wife and I were fitness fanatics before we got old and fat.

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If we were not coaching or at the gym we were running or playing tennis.

We know we were a good looking couple and had played around a bit at some hotel pools and places like tha..My Round Brown part is over 2 inches long and sometimes my nipples get to be 3/4 inch long! My wife and I enjoy throwing a good party, most of them are just get togethers with a few close, adult friends, but occasionally we like to do theme parties. The dancing usually becomes very suggestive and shortly after that the clothes begin to c..The party we decided to throw last weekend was by far the best yet. We will be going to Pocono Palace Resorts on Tuesday February 14, 2017 for Valentines Day.I finally ended up getting a job as a Valet at a busy South Beach nightclub, lots of pro athletes and celebs, lots of very high end cars, and since I love cars and can drive a stick shift, I..For the past 20 years I have owned and run a small shop that sells a variety of sweets and ice cream, named Ye Olde Sweetie Shoppe.I needed to get away for a long weekend and I had been given an offer from my long time friend Becky to join her for super bowl weekend !!