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They came to the shop to hang out with me then naturally they got close with the guys and then eventually started working there.Charmaine and I we’re like sisters, so when she kinda crossed on me—she knows everything that happened last season between me and the guys. So just for her to switch a ll of a sudden, it hurt me more than anything.Five panelists voted whether they believed that Kamenashi and Anne are dating or not.

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They have common interests and probably mutual respect as artists.

They don't hide that they have spent time together besides recording time (even if it was probably together with YNB production team). Since he is a Johnny (and a popular one), we'll never have a confirmation (only if they got caught together or if they marry after he's like 35).

I’m anti-violence, so I would never go and punch somebody in the face but I did wanna go and wring her out.

Junno: I can accept it if that's the girl natural akin tone, I think there's no need to tan one's skin on purpose, since we are the japanese, we should keep our natural look.

When Kamenashi would talk to a female staff, Anne seems to always interrupt and would join the conversation.

It has become a rumor among the staff that the two are dating.The two would take their meals together during breaks, they loved to talk about baseball since both of them are Giants fan, and they would fondly call each other “Kame-chan” and “Anne-chan“.Lastly, every time Fuku Suzuki would come in between them, you could feel that they are like a real family.Srsly, and you really believe it month before a movie?Oh, and I thought that all Johnnys are banned from anything wearing skirt. ;)Still the truth of this is called into question when you consider that the movie is showing soon.[…] I know I’m not doing nothing wrong by minding my business and progressing myself.