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Whose partner ever left them over compulsive web-surfing?The consequences of Internet addiction may be less dramatic than those associated with drugs and alcohol, but they do exist.She was on the Internet all the time -- she had to be for work -- and it felt like how an alcoholic might feel working in a bar.

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As far back as September 1998, an article ("Internet Paradox") in the journal detailed studies which demonstrated that, "Greater use of the Internet was associated with declines in participants' communication with family members in the household, declines in the size of their social circle, and increases in their depression and loneliness."Today, a growing number of experts consider Internet addiction to be a serious and growing scourge. Kimberly Young, founder of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery and author of "Caught in the Net" (1998).

Young told The Fix that Internet addiction is an umbrella term that includes everything from online pornography and gambling to gaming and e Bay -- and more.

and even though I knew there were consequences, I didn't change my behavior."Pauline started seeing a therapist, who took her problem seriously.

She tried several methods to stop her Internet abuse, but nothing seemed to work.

"It is generally considered to cover all aspects of compulsive online behavior," she said. Young's own Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, studies suggest that as many as one in eight Americans suffer from problematic Internet use -- with higher numbers, up to 30 percent, in China, South Korea and Taiwan.

A recent survey by the polling website Soda Head revealed that 61 percent of 602 respondents felt like they were addicted to the Internet (while 39 percent "could quit if they wanted").Inasmuch as most naija gurls fall into the of uninterested category, I expect the guy to understand that and stop pestering her for a chat..trust me there r other guys out there such gurls do have mind blowing chat with..I guess its a matter of interest. My advice, get a reasonable number of contacts that you know can contribute one or two...a large number that has nothing to contribute... That's how I made a typo one day and I told the girl I was greeting her in hieroglyphic and the airhead replied with K.The few I have is very much ok..don't think I need to look for more because relationship for me is key and it takes me time and resources to build....dosnt buoyed down to just chat and dats all... The only conversations most ladies can keep up with are the ones that feature have you eaten, what did you eat, when did you eat it, how, with what, ws up, hw fr etc Monalisa185:the kain brains wey people dey get these days ehhhhh!!! Who said being able to keep good conversations online has a race or a particular gender? It's an individual stuff, some people put it up while some can't help it.. I purposely kept mute to see what she will say next...When I give a reply or asked a question and it is overlooked. You girls like jumping to conclusion even before the guy finishes introducing himself. Chaiii As much as i hate to agree with the op..is almost correct in a way. Communication is no gender thing either, I've met some boring guys but I learnt to deal with them..A guy says 'hi', you immediately conclude the guy wants sex lol. Although not all naija girls but like a large percentage of them form unnecessarily even off line too i believe it has to do with inferiority complex..be like if i too freestyle with this guy he might be getting the wrong ideas.if u still check am out na she like u pass the way u like her oo.of them are just dull and uninteresting and even some of the interesting and lively ones after u guys start chatting comfortably like u been pals for ages,the next time u see her online she starts acting up and giving u one word per 30min as if na pay as u go and when u bon them small they go call u up and say u disappeared.i no go disappear when u dey dull urself ..just the sad truth many naija girls don't know how to freely express themselves on and off line prolly due to the way they were brought up like its a sin to express the way u feel to a guy as a girl.in the western world its no big deal.that's how most of them dey form until u pipe them and when u no call again they call u all sort of names.experience i know that an uninteresting girl be it in an online chat or offline convo is usually mostly uninteresting as well in bed..why? You should do the same The simple truth of the matter is that many ladies lack the wit to flow in conversations. All most of you do is read religious/inspirational books, so when someone engages you in an intellectually stimulating conversation, all you can come up with is K and lol.Some keep good convos online but fail woefully offline while sometimes the above is the reverse.. Most Nigerian girls have a serious deficiency in terms of chatting or keeping up with a conversation online. I guess she was staring at her screen waiting for me to say somthing..she got tired, she said "why are you not sayin nothin?