Language dating and penpals

When you have a profile of yourself on some website, you probably get emails from all kinds of people. You could chose just not to reply to these people or send a reply that you are not interested.The Internet is open to everybody and that includes a couple of weirdos as well.

But I still keep all of the letters I ever got from penpals in one big box.In 2001 I became a member of (this site doesn exist anymore though). I found that the first email is always easy (who are you, what are your hobbies, study/work? You have to find some things you have in common and not have too high expectations, otherwise it is doomed to fail.Snail mail is indeed more special, you get a letter that travelled around the world.It has a special stamp and inside is a real letter , hopefully handwritten .It is often a good idea to get a separate email address for writing to your penpals.

This is for two reasons: If English is not your native language, it can be quite difficult to write to penpals in English.Building a solid email/snail mail friendship is quite hard.In the first couple of messages you probably exchange name, age, what you do in daily life , hobbies and sports . If you're lucky you have one or 2 things in common, for example a hobby or you are both fan of the same actor or artist.I admit that it is much more personal and has special "human touch" compared to email.But email has a couple of advantages as well: You could try both and see which one your prefer.Nowadays I don write with penpals anymore, but it was definitely a great experience! I'll mention a few reasons why you might want to write with penpals: Getting started is really easy.