Laura vandervoot and nick zano dating

In this charming ABC Family Original Holiday Movie, Jennifer (Laura Vandervoort) is an ambitious young executive for the South Boston Mall.

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After taking several classes and doing background work on Canadian shows such as , which also starred Canadian stars Michael Ironside (who appeared in the second V mini-series as well as the 1984 V regular series) and Corey Sevier.

In 2009, Vandervoort portrayed “Lisa,” in the ABC series L. Every year, both sides of my family—my mom’s side and my dad’s side—we do kind of family reunions and we see the grandparents and all the cousins get together.

I started at 13 and didn’t have a clue about how the industry worked or whether I could handle it.

And then with every role I took, I was learning something new.

WDW Tiki Room: How is your attitude about Christmas like hers? WDW Tiki Room: A lot of people, like we’ve said before, know you from your sci-fi work and that’s obviously a totally different genre.

What did you learn from those two series that you’ve been able to apply here and how different was it on this set? Vandervoort: All of the sci-fi projects I’ve done, even all of the other projects—it’s a growing process and a learning experience.Despite clashing with Jennifer, he easily wins over the crowd with his sincerity and humble nature.With David installed as the winning Santa, sales go through the roof and everything is falling into place for Jennifer until she unexpectedly falls for David and must decide between a promotion and true love.I’ve been doing some other movies this year that are comedic. We got along really well and I think the producers were happy with the chemistry. We both have similar personalities—joking around on set and I was lucky the rest of the cast was fantastic. There was one night when—I think it was the final scene where Nick Zano’s character is performing on stage as Santa and it was like 3 a.m. Vandervoort: No, I haven’t been approached or heard anything about that. And a lot of the actors have moved on to other projects, though we keep in touch when we can.I have , which Mc G directed and we were able to improvise. WDW Tiki Room: What was it like working with Nick Zano (? Because we shot it in Toronto, I ended up knowing a lot of the actors that were cast—my friend, John Bregar and Paula Brancati. or something like that and those of us who weren’t in the scene were dancing around behind the monitors. Vandervoort: I could joke and say the hardest scene to film was when my character Jennifer auditioned all the hunky Santas and I just had to sit there and watch all of these handsome actors in front of me. I think one of the hardest scenes to shoot—actually, they were all pretty enjoyable. WDW Tiki Room: Have you been approached about doing another miniseries, perhaps to follow-up because the season finale was so epic and I know a lot of your fans would love to see you return as Lisa at some point. I know Project Alice is trying to get us back on the air, but no there hasn’t been any discussion. It would be nice to sort of wrap that storyline up a little more, but haven’t heard anything. I haven’t really thought about that before, so it’s a great question.Jennifer (Laura Vandervoort) is an ambitious young marketing guru who dreams up the ticket to Christmas sales: a sexy Santa contest.