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La compañía entrega más de 2.600 envases de 1,5 litros en 200 alojamientos ubicados en el ‘Camino Francés’, a su paso por la comunidad de Castilla y León Saldaña, 4 de septiembre de 2012. Jorge Manrique de Palencia Martes, 26 de junio de 2012. Lactoduero ha realizado este verano una […] Representantes de ambas compañías participan en la entrega de galardones del I Premio “Espíritu emprendedor e innovador”, organizado por el I. A generation later, John Phillips, Smith’s nephew and biographer, went on to name the major eras in today’s geologic timescale: Paleozoic (ancient life), Mesozoic (middle life), and Cenozoic (new life).

In the correct spirit but for the wrong reasons, , Egypt, were the preserved remains of discarded lentils left behind by the builders of the pyramids.These early observations and interpretations represent the unstated origins of what was later to become a basic principle of , the root of any attempt at linking the past (as preserved in the rock record) to the present.Loosely stated, the principle says that the various natural phenomena observed today must also have existed in the past (see below .This required that the Earth be conceived of as a static, unchanging body, with a history that began in the not too distant past, perhaps as little as 6,000 years earlier, and an end, according to the scriptures, that was in the not too distant future. –promotora de Agua de Mar- y […] En malos tiempos como los actuales, los que menos tienen son los que más lo sufren y es cuando más necesarias son las acciones destinadas a ayudar a las personas más desfavorecidas, como la que protagoniza el cuarteto de palentinos […] Lactoduero ha alcanzado un acuerdo con El Corte Inglés, Grupo El Árbol y Supermercados Lupa para distribuir Agua de Mar en la sección de pescadería.

Although it might seem surprising, Smith’s principle of faunal succession didn’t provide an immediate understanding of the history of life on Earth, perhaps because his intentions were more practical than scientific: to accurately order rock layers and to help coal prospectors identify the best places to dig.Fossil plants also left evidence of a warmer climate.Eocene coal seams—compressed, old swamps—are abundant in the Arctic, as are ancient tree trunks and leaf impressions.According to a long-standing principle of the geosciences, that of superposition, the oldest layer within a sequence of strata is at the base and the layers are progressively younger with ascending order.The relative ages of the rock strata deduced in this manner can be corroborated and at times refined by the examination of the fossil forms present.Fossils don’t just allow scientists to date rock layers, but also to uncover past climates, some of which differ dramatically from today’s.