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Everyone asks if he is there to buy tulips, and he says no, the Netherlands’ tulip bubble has long since collapsed, and the price is down to a guilder or two.The people of the kingdom are very surprised to hear that, since the price of their own tulips has never stopped going up, and is now in the range of tens of thousands of guilders.

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There’s no evidence whatsoever that American doctors gain anything from those three extra years of undergrad. Why is having a philosophy degree under my belt supposed to make me any better at medicine?(I guess I might have acquired a talent for colorectal surgery through long practice pulling things out of my ass, but it hardly seems worth it.) I’ll make another confession.Ireland’s medical school is five years as opposed to America’s four because the Irish spend their first year teaching the basic sciences – biology, organic chemistry, physics, calculus.When I applied to medical school in Ireland, they offered me an accelerated four year program on the grounds that I had surely gotten all of those in my American undergraduate work. I read some books about them over the summer and did just fine. Irishmen can do it in four, and achieve the same result.Why, in the Netherlands, a tulip can go for ten times more than the average worker earns in a year!

The trader is pleased to find a new source of bulbs, and offers the people of the kingdom a few guilders per tulip, which they happily accept.

When Irish doctors take the American standardized tests, they usually do pretty well.

Ireland is one of the approximately 100% of First World countries that gets better health outcomes than the United States.

After the doubters are tarred and feathered and thrown in the river, Parliament votes that the public purse pay for as many tulips as the poor need, whatever the price.

A few years later, another Dutch trader comes to the little kingdom.

But they didn’t have enough money to afford universal tulip subsidies.