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I started my track day at the 2.1-mile East track at Spring Mountain Raceway with the V6 1LE.

Instructor by my side, I found that what the V6 lacks in brute strength, it makes up in lithe nimbleness.

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I heard wind and road noise, but it wasn't intrusive.

Three driving modes are available: Tour, Sport and Track.

The V6 1LE gets the sport suspension from the Camaro SS plus Goodyear Eagle F1 run-flat tires capable of maintaining grip to 0.97g.

Brembo brakes improve stopping power and an upgraded cooling system for the engine, transmission and mechanical differential allows for all-day track driving. You can get a standard V6 or V8, the track-focused V6 or V8 1LE, or the bonkers ZL1. I was lucky enough to drive both the V6 and V8 1LE on the road and at Spring Mountain Raceway during a Chevrolet-sponsored press event.

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The little econo-box car quickly grew in my vision as I approached from behind in the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE.Speed comes on much more quickly, forcing me to use those brakes more heavily than I did in the V6.While I didn't notice any egregious amount of body roll in the V6, the Magnetic Ride Control keeps the V8 flat and neutral through most turns.The V8 1LE gets the Magnetic Ride Control adaptive suspension from the ZL1 Camaro as well as Goodyear Eagle Supercar tires, good for 1.02g, bigger Brembo brakes, an electronic limited-slip differential and the same upgraded track cooling system as the V6 1LE. Both offer their own unique driving experience with their own pros and cons depending on your driving skills.On the road, the V6 1LE feels comfortable and could easily be a daily driver.Most of our drive featured long desert straightaways with gently sweeping turns.