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7.) By being a member of the group, you consent to terms listed in the Member Consent and Release.

Now, Welcome to LOC, a wonderful, very diverse community, open to all ladies aged 25 and older.

We create a consistent presence and social scene for lesbian women of color around the greater Houston, TX metro area.

And suddenly, with one order of nachos, your Tinder love affair was over.Male or female, young or old, Houstonians like their local beers.Sending an email using this page does not guarantee that the recipient will receive, read or respond to your email. Before we tell you all the wonderful things about our community, please take a moment to read the following IMPORTANT notes: 1.) This group is for women only aged 25 and older.The number of ways to get sauce all over your face knows no bounds. Always have a backup plan (and an umbrella/bathing suit in your car). Does your date keep their apartment stocked with beef jerky, water, and tequila? You thought it was going to be just you two, but Mackenzie just broke up with that guy she was seeing and your date felt so bad so she couldn’t not invite her to happy hour.

Good thing, because you just spotted some friends at the bar. It’s either 100% Southern charm, opening doors, and covering the bill or you’re considered a real gent so long as you buy the first round and let your date get into an Uber first.

Beware the summer interns you find partying in Midtown.

They may look your age, but they could be out celebrating their 21st.

And if they don’t, they aren’t a Houstonian and therefore you shouldn’t date them because as stated earlier, they’re probably moving soon. So going back to someone’s place is as easy as choosing whose is the shorter ride.

In fact, your first kinda real fight was over who was the better parallel parker. Don’t worry -- this won’t be a conflict of interest until you move in together. You may have a bit of Peter Pan syndrome on your hands. The floating beer pong was cool when she could tan, but don’t be surprised if your Monday hangovers aren’t as cute come September.

However, a copy will be sent to you for your records.