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That night, Lena returns to the club to confront Louise about what has happened.

She meets Louise's two companions, the stoic Charlotte and the cheerful Nora.

Inside the club, Louise dances with Lena and offers her a drink.When Lena goes to the bathroom, Louise follows and bites her. When she awakes in the morning, the sun burns her, forcing her to stay inside.The two have coffee and talk, but when Lena suddenly sees Louise approaching, she uses her Lamborghini to retreat to the nightclub.She finds Charlotte in a private room where Charlotte tells Lena that she was a silent movie actress in the 1920s and that she had a husband and daughter. Starbucks went full racist, Hillary deleted emails, but even more strangely, a man-turned-woman (kind of) decided to use the ladies' changing room at Planet Fitness. One woman, noticing a man in the ladies room, complained.

She was kicked out of the gym for being "judgmental." A national dialogue ensued.

After a short conversation, he tries to arrest her, but Lena hits him in the face, kicks him between the legs and jumps off the bridge onto a passing boat.

Later that evening, Lena goes to a nightclub, which is run by Louise.

The film explores themes of depression, self-harm, the consequences of immortality, suicide, and explores Valerie Solanas' idea of an all-female society.

Aboard a private aircraft, the pilots and passengers all dead, with bites to their necks.

This week, in my own hidden camera experiment, I decided to become a woman, go to Planet Fitness and figure out just how far their "no judgment policy" really goes...