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It means that other users are not flooded with messages and thus are more likely to pay attention to yours - plus it means you'll use those stamps carefully.If someone has stamps it means they are quite serious about meeting someone!

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One match per day is perfect, and since it's so easy to click like or pass there's no real offence taken if there is no match - it's not like you had to type an email. I think you can pay to unveil the Facebook connection between you both, but often there is no-one in between, they just select someone nearby.I'm not sure about other countries, but it's won awards and is growing in popularity in the US.It does look like I pretty powerful interface and note that the most expensive six month options has a guarantee of you finding someone or they'll give you another six months.Another huge online dating site is e Harmony: the latter quite clever in that it bases matches upon pre-screening using personality tests which apparently takes ~1 hours to complete.The other reason I felt obligated to mention RSVP is that it is (unfortunately) Australia's largest dating site and if you're a mature person who's prepared to pay over for a chance at love it's probably worth a shot.

If you're young and/or poor try a free site instead!

For more information about why you should try online dating and how to increase your chances try this page: DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind this page isn't an extensive review, but based on me testing out a handful of sites (without actually paying for any! You can also instant chat with people who are online - click on "instant chat" and it will bring up a new window! Don't forget to keep changing your profile ("changing the bait") and sending many messages of different lengths to many people ("casting the net wide") until you start getting bites. :-) I tried signing up for this site and sadly found few users in Australia, but hopefully that will change.

) research on the web and talking to a few people about what sites are good! What I loved about this site are the ideals and mature intelligence of its design - especially the huge database of multiple-choice questions (eg: "How often are you open with your feelings?

A great site for mature people (in age and/or emotional intelligence), but relatively few users in Australia so hopefully it will continue growing!

A origional and relatively new service which is very quick to sign up to and gives you just one match per day.

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