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The Sree Varaha temple was situated one and a half km to the west of the present Mallikarjuna temple at Vypeen.

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Efforts were made to cast new idols in Panchaloha but were found defective.

So, the mahajans of Azheekal approached the Cochin temple and got two Deities of Venkatachalapathy and Mahalakshmi and these were installed in the temple in 1724 AD.

Sri Kurma, a Deity of Lord Vishnu in the form of a tortoise consists of two stones, about two feet long, emerging from the ground, which represent Sri Kurma’s head and body.

The temple is located on the shore of Swatha Puskarini Lake.

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According to the Adi Varaha Purana, Kapila Muni made this Deity of Varaha by his mind.

Kapila gave this Deity to Lord Indra in Satya-yuga. When Ravana took over Indra’s kingdom, Ravana took this Adi Varaha Deity to his capital, in Lanka.

The Deity has the head and torso of Lord Vishnu and golden humanlike feet, but the priest can move the golden feet aside to expose the Lord’s fish tail.

MATSYA Lord Vishnu, in the form of Matsya, killed the rakshasa (demon) Somakudu here, and retrieved the Vedas from him.

This architecturally beautiful temple is said to be the only temple of the Kurma (tortoise) incarnation on earth.