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Ingersoll testified he controlled the ingoing and outgoing flow of income for financial accounts of both Smart Schools Inc. Parker had alleged throughout the lengthy sentencing proceedings that Ingersoll deserves two extra guideline points for abusing a position of trust with Grand Traverse Academy -- another charter school Ingersoll founded -- and that entity's relationship with the two corporations.In July, Ingersoll's testimony revolved around his LLCs, Quick Books' accuracy, tax returns and the like.

As a result, the sentencing process saw witnesses testify about this issue.Ingersoll himself testified during sentencing proceedings. In February, the bulk of Ingersoll's testimony concerned going over line items in his Quick Books documents and tax returns dating back several years.Ingersoll in 2011 had hired Bradley to do renovations at the Madison Avenue church.Ludington on March 12, 2015, sentenced Bradley to five years in prison on the asbestos-related convictions, but he is yet to start serving his time.Middle Village Located at the intersection of M-119 and Middle Village Road, this spot provides an excellent view of the St.

Ignatius Church below the bluff in Middle Village an old settlement dating back hundreds of years. Ignatius church steeple is visible from the roadway and frames the view. He is also to pay ,145 in restitution and 0 in fines and costs. Upon Ingersoll's release, he is to be supervised for one year."It's been a four-year odyssey that is hard to characterize as a positive experience, but with all things, some good things still came of it." He said he was thankful for a number of things, among them the "unconditional love of family, friends, colleagues and strangers.I was moved by that, irrespective of my misdeeds, which I acknowledge." Ingersoll went on to say he owes apologies to a number of people involved with his vision, harmed by what he described as being overzealous and neglectful. nor did I correct account records I knew were incorrect," he said. Geht, asked the judge to impose a short-term sentence, or an alternative to imprisonment, saying his client has a rare medical condition requiring a specific procedure."Roy Bradley, to me, is a noble person, who did great things for Bay City and did it well," Ingersoll said at his Dec.