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While some stories in this archive are (or claim to be) based on real incidents, most are total fiction or anything inbetween that weaves real life and Not every article is pro-discipline.

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We do not accept stories that we believe are first-hand accounts of actual physical child abuse posted for purely salacious reasons, or ones that openly encourage such abuse by adults.

There is a widespread human fascination with domination, submission and discipline, and it is an undeniable truth that many people of all ages and in all cultures find corporal punishment situations exciting and erotic as either participants or voyeurs.

Several hundred years later, Jack Frost is the only name he is known by to any living soul.

The world is not kind to drifters, so Loki chooses to live in the underbelly - and oh, does he thrive.

Following the events at Mount Weather, Clarke is determined to stay mad at Lexa.

However, her determination crumbles once she is forced to face Lexa and realizes she misses her.

Katja wrote all parts from the point of view of the Bonanza characters and Haruka wrote all parts from the point of view of the X-Men: Evolution characters.

These parts were posted in a private mailing list in 2002, in more-or-less RPG format, where both writers had their characters respond to each other's dialogue and actions.

Clarke had always had a thing for Lexa being in charge. After the death of her father Rhea Merritt never thought she'd find her footing in the world again.

She worked full time as a travelling caterer for the WWE and specialized diets for the Superstars, making her a prominent figure behind the curtain. Wesson fall in love.(Very loose adaption of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" by E. James inside a very loose adaption of the world in 04x17 "It's A Terrible Life".)Original prompt (not for me but hey): So the 50 Shade of Grey relationship is abusive, so I immediately thought about you and wincest.

This archive acknowledges, explores and celebrates that fact.