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These steps assume you have previously uninstalled all Autodesk products and related peripherals and that it is safe to remove those folders.These locations may be different if your operating system is configured to store the Program Files folder on a drive other than C, or if you installed your Autodesk product to another drive and folder name.Which is the best 3d modelling and animation software? The menus are a little more hidden in Maya, but because of that, it gives you much more of an open space to work with.

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More of a question than a request, but is it possible to rename 3ds files when the original name is longer than 8 digits ?

eg: Original filename is "Driver_Status_green.3ds" Imported filename is "Status_g00" Is it beyond the capabilities of the 3ds file format and/or Maxscript, that the imported file can be renamed to the original file automatically ? Let's say i want to merge multiple max files that each has it's own directory.

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Features (Many different and strong capabilities) 4.... System requirements (Less memory and processor speed requirements for PC) If there are other stuff to be known, please tell. I teach 3D Studio Max and Maya for an online institution. ease of use: out of the 3, 3D Studio Max would be the easiest to jump on and throw something together for the first time.

Interface (Good interface, easy access to all features) 3. Features (Many different and strong capabilities) 4. Completeness (All in one package, requires less 3rd party plug ins or additional softwares) 6.

I wouldn't really mess with XSI unless you are looking to work in a place that will only use that. XSI has an option to change your custom interface to that of 3D Studio Max or Maya. it also has a great rigging feature called the "biped" which is a fully rigged and IK setup character ready to be skinned with whatever character you create.

Which is really good if you already know max or maya. This is a feature that maya does NOT have, whereas you will have to create a full skeleton rig from scratch.

Begin by uninstalling the medium resolution image library—if that library is installed on your system—followed by the base resolution image library, and then the Autodesk material library.