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Her father Timothy has confirmed: “She’s pretty scared and quite upset.” But at the time she was just doing what most 20-somethings travelling alone with a group of new ‘friends’ would have done – joining in and avoiding travel FOMO (fear of missing out).

Solo traveller and author Jenny Diski says she still has little sympathy for Hawkins: “If you’re going to travel to someone’s country, just like going to someone’s house, you find out how they live and you don’t mock them, which is what you do when you go against their traditions.” But at the same time, she tells me that when she travelled alone, she made a number of decisions she now looks back on as “silly,” adding: “It’s probably true you don’t think about the consequences, when actually anything could happen.

Five tourists have been arrested in Malaysia for posing naked on top of a sacred mountain, including 24-year-old British Eleanor Hawkins.

They climbed Mount Kinabalu, and when they got to the top, they started to strip off - even though their guide reportedly warned them not to.

It’s a completely different experience to being with friends – you’re forced to throw yourself into new situations, speak to strangers and you rarely plan day trips – normally you tag along with people you’ve just met and hope they like you.

For me, that was a case of going on nights out with locals, gate-crashing a wedding and bizarrely spending my first few days in Santiago living with the girl I’d been sitting next to on the plane.

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Why would they go against the advice of their guide and risk offending locals? And, why did they even need to strip down on the mountain – what’s wrong with a fully-dressed selfie?

But if you read this from the perspective of a traveller it all starts to feel rather different. The whole point of backpacking, especially when you're in your twenties like Hawkins, is to experience life to the fullest.

Days later, Hawkins was arrested and four other tourists (23-year-old Canadian Lindsey and his sister Danielle, 22; a 23-year-old Dutch man, Dylan Snel; and Canadian, Emil Kaminski, 33) handed themselves in.