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The question is where the next Paceville is going to be for revellers,” Pisani says.But apart from what he claims is the gentrification of the place, Pisani and Billiard see it as a pos-sible prototype for Maltese society in the future.There is an interesting ‘in-between’ time which goes from the early afternoon to around nine in the evening. But you need a place to throw up.” Night and Day is published by EDE Books.

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“Get 3,000 young people with money, give them cheap alcohol and very sexy girls and don’t tell me this thing should not explode.Every night, it doesn’t.” David Pisani is talking to me in a Paceville lounge on a Saturday afternoon.All of this will also be available to you from our tablet and mobile apps.Back in 1998, a relatively unknown artist walked out onto the Eurovision stage in Birmingham and sang The One That I Love, with a strong and determined personality that reached into people’s hearts.Occasionally, there’s something serious – but that should really happen on a daily basis, when in fact it doesn’t.” Paceville is a minefield of stories, opinions and emotions, and Pisani and Billiard were careful where to tread.

“We were not out to create controversy over drugs or prostitutes or whatever,” the photographer says.

Instead of looking at the controversy, the project seems to document what Pisani considers to be a very “interesting urban experiment”.

Then he drops the bomb: “My prediction is that in five years’ time, Paceville will be gone. Hugo has taken over a big part of St Rita steps and now we’re going from English breakfasts to sushi – it’s all trendy and upmarket. It’s going to change completely and people are going to leave.

The project has also avoided the infamous gentlemen’s clubs that have mushroomed all over town, a can of worms that has not been opened on this occasion.

“We’re not doing journalism, it’s actually an urban art project,” Pisani insists.

Some music is already pumping, not loud enough to interfere with our conversation.