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Moschino did its best not to turn Scotland the Brave into Scotland the Bore.It is difficult when the Highlands have been mined so often for inspiration to get anything new out of plaid.This show was fine, well planned but with no particular distinguishing features except the long dresses.

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But it is a different story with the many Italian houses that are successful ready-to-wear brands.

They have to read the messages coming through at retail. No one has yet gone full out for ankle-length outfits.

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The look was part of Veronica Etro’s concept of a global universe and world travelers.

That brought a lot of sensible clothes: narrow, tailored pieces with a 1980s vibe.But inevitably those coats and dresses were interspersed with the house’s famous patterns, from paisley to floral prints.Surfing the world for cultural inspiration has always been part of the Etro spirit.But the story was really in tailoring: sleek, concise and saleable.A show that has every outfit with the same footwear — a narrow-heel court shoe — seems in need of some current fashion education.Translated to cloth, there was a real sense of modernity and hyper-reality, especially when the neutral colors morphed into wine red.