Marlin 336 rifle serial number dating

This elegant rifle in 44 Magnum features a 20″ barrel with Ballard-type rifling, a straight grip stock with cut checkering and a rubber recoil pad.

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North Haven, CT –-(Ammo Marlin Firearms is pleased to announce the production of two Deluxe lever-action rifles based on the popular 1894™ and 336™ models, available for a limited time through select Marlin dealers.

These Deluxe rifles feature Number 1 Grade American Black Walnut stocks and fore-ends that have 30 to 50 percent figure on each side; polished deep blue metal finish; and are packaged in a padded, molded case with a decorative color sleeve depicting a fall hunting scene.

I had a bit of buyers remorse beacuse I know they stoped making the model 70 but I think this will be a fun gun.

How would I go about finnishing the barrel in nickle as well?

Chambered in 30/30 Win, the 336 features a 20” barrel with a semi-buckhorn folding rear sight and ramp front sight with a brass bead and Wide-Scan hood.

Deluxe Lever-Action Rifle Features Marlin 1894 and 336 Deluxe lever-action rifles can be ordered through direct Marlin Firearms dealers and Marlin Custom Shop dealers until September 30, 2009.1969-1972 only the first two numerals of the Serial# indicate actual year (69, 70, 71, 72) of production...1973-2000 this is where someone would subtract the first two digits (which range from 27 to 00) from 2000 to get year of production... the first two digits (99, 98, 97 and so on) subtracted from 100 will give the 20xx date of manufacture...The sides, trigger, hammer, lever, tube, and screws are all ( I believe ) nickel. There will soon be a few less pigs running around in my neck of the woods. And they didn't build any stainless 336's in 1953, or nickle plated either. [code][/code Zndy; The very first post in the "General Gun Questions and Answers" on this site will tell you the date of manufacture of your Marlin. As all Marlins made after 1973, you subtract the first two digits from 100 to determine the year of manufacture. 100 - 21 = 79 or 1979)I hate a Marlin model 336 with a gold trigger and a serial number stamper "71 135158".The owner of the gun shop I think said that the guy had it in his boat. It also has a gap between the butt plate and the wood. Sounds like your Marlin was modified.[/quote] my marlin isnt stainless nor nickel plated. There is a space between the 71 and the rest of the serial numbers.What year and does the remaining numbers mean anything?