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However, she was later stripped of these medals after admitting that she had used performance-enhancing drugs.

Her ex-husband Hunter, an Olympic shot-putter and confessed steroid user, testified under oath that he had seen her inject drugs into her stomach in the Olympic Village in Sydney.

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and by the age of 15 she was routinely dominating California high school athletics both on the tracks and the basketball courts.Jones is a 1997 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Hunter voluntarily resigned his position at UNC to comply with the requirements of university rules prohibiting coach–athlete dating.Jones promised that her latest defeat would not be the end of her Olympic efforts, and reasserted in May 2005 that winning a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics remained her "ultimate goal." May 2006 saw Jones run 11.06 at altitude but into a headwind in her season debut and beat Veronica Campbell and Lauryn Williams in subsequent 100 m events.By July 8, 2006, Jones appeared to be in top form; she won the 100 m sprint at Gaz de France with a time of 10.93 seconds. Three days later, Jones once more improved on her seasonal best time at the Rome IIAF Golden League (10.91 seconds), but lost to Jamaica's Sherone Simpson, who clocked 10.87.After winning further statewide sprint titles, she accepted a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina in basketball, where she helped the team win the NCAA championship in her freshman year.

Jones "red shirted" her 1996 basketball season to concentrate on track.Her parents split when she was very young, and Jones's mother remarried a retired postal worker, Ira Toler, three years later.Toler became a stay-at-home dad to Jones and her older half-brother, Albert Kelly, until his sudden death in 1987.Because of her pregnancy, Jones missed the 2003 World Championships but spent a year preparing for the 2004 Olympics.Montgomery, who did not qualify for the 2004 Olympic Track and Field team for poor performance, was charged by USADA, as part of the investigation into the BALCO doping scandal, with receiving and using banned performance-enhancing drugs and sought a four-year suspension for Montgomery.Jones did retain her three gold medals as a world champion from 19.